On October 26-30, 2020 the Kyrgyz-German Institute of Applied Informatics (INAI.KG) together with the High Technology Park (HTP) and the Kyrgyz Software and Services Developers Association (KSSDA) with the support of DAAD will hold an IT-conference «Digital transformation in education».

The main goal of the conference is to modernize training methods, educational formats, educational programs, approaches to interaction with potential employers and adapt them to the needs of the rapidly developing IT industry.

Teachers, IT specialists, postgraduates, undergraduates, students, graduates, and researchers are invited to participate in the conference.

The conference is held in the following sections:

Section I. Priority areas for the modernization of informatics education

Section II. Development and application of information techno-logies in the educational process in conditions of digitalization: problems and prospects

Along with the traditional topics of the conference (the full list is published in the section «About the conference«) the following issues are planned to be discussed this year:

  • Трансформация ИТ-образования в рамках государственных инициатив (приоритетные проекты стратегического развития, «Цифровой Кыргызстан 2019-2023» и др.).
  • Best practices in teaching new disciplines such as "Flexible Project Management", "Big Data", "Human-Computer Interaction", "Business Processes in Software Development", "Robotics", "Data Storage Systems", "Artificial Intelligence", etc.).
  • New professional and educational standards in IT
  • Подготовка ИТ-специалистов в соответствии с актуальными и перспективными потребностями рынка труда. Подготовка кадров для цифровой экономики.

The conference will be organized in the form of panel discussions, breakout sessions and master classes on innovative developments for IT education. Meetings with leading providers of IT products and services are planned. Plenary presentations will provide an overview of the current IT situation and scenarios for the industry.