Andrey Gurinov

Chairman of the Kyrgyz software and services developer's association

Andrey Gurinov - Co-founder of TimelySoft LLC

Technical Director of Kanda CA LLC. Assistant Professor at the American University of Central Asia.

He has worked as a software developer, database developer and administrator, data engineer, manager for more than 20 years.⠀

For more than 5 years, he headed the IT department at the largest bank in the country.⠀

He taught at various universities for more than 10 years, attended scientific conferences, lived and worked in Africa.

Andrey is a great enthusiast for the development of IT education in the country and he has a lot of initiatives in this direction.Timelysoft and Andrey personally develop projects, which, for the most part, are transferred for use to educational institutions of the country for free.⠀

In 2021, he carried out the largest merger of companies in the history of modern Kyrgyz IT service, as a result of which the international company Kanda Software appeared on the Kyrgyz market.