Ismailova Guldastan Udarnikovna

Senior lecturer of German Language INAI.KG

Ismailova Guldastan Udarnikovna - Senior Lecturer of German at the Kyrgyz-German Institute of Applied Informatics ( Her field of activity is "Technical German in the field of computer science". She completed numerous language internships at the West Saxon University Zwickau, in the Faculty of Philology at the Herder Institute of the Leipzig University, as well as at the Goethe Institute seminars in Germany. Together with senior lecturer of German Beishebaeva Zh.A. is the author of the online course on technical German in computer science, developed under the guidance of prof. I.A. Bushlauer from the University of Zwickau. The results of this work were presented at the symposium "Impulses of MINT German as a second foreign language - indicative levels and prospects for preparatory and accompanying education" at the West Saxon University Zwickau, Germany (2017), as well as at the scientific-practical conference "German language as a necessary basis for the interstate dialogue of the Central Asian countries with Germany and the European Union ”(2018). Currently working in the direction "Development and application of technical German in the field of computer science in the framework of Blended Learning / Blended learning method in a tandem group with German professors from the West Saxon University Zwickau.