Sven Koble

Agile-Leader, Founder of company "Ulassa"

Sven Koble is a Certified Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Leader. As a leader in a business which is involved in communities, he listens and focuses on giving the most to inspire teams and individuals in the ever-changing work environment. The greatest thing about being an entrepreneur is doing what he loves: helping people grow by experiencing the advantages of positivity within the work environment.

With his company Ulassa ( he provides agile communication tools, workshops and coaching to companies around the world, so they can take immediate action in implementing agile values and principles.

He worked with many international companies with co-located and distributed team supporting them to enjoy their work, creating flow and becoming more productive. He has more than 20 years IT experience around the world, including Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, India, Australia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Romania.”