Dinara Ruslan

Chairman of the Kyrgyz software and services developer's association

Dinara Ruslan - founder and managing director of IT company and academy of IT professions CodifyLab www.codifylab.com

Chairman of the Kyrgyz Association of Software Developers and Services (KARPOU)

Previously worked as Director of Project Development at Zensoft.
At Zensoft, Dina has overseen technical teams solving complex problems and creating innovative software every day.
With an MBA from the University of Lincoln, California, USA, and a BA in Management Information Systems, she has gained extensive experience and exceptional ability to connect clients with their development teams.
Prior to joining Zensoft, Dina was a Lead Analyst, simultaneously leading several projects in the Wells Fargo Technical Operations Group, USA. In this role, she was responsible for implementing regulated development processes, coordinating the software development team, controlling product quality at all stages of work, and also playing a leading role in determining the direction of product development.

In addition, Dina has taught Project and Product Management, System Specifications at INAI and Ala Too Universities for MBA students for the past 2 years.